A huge amount of space, time and organization.

Modern-day technologies (from computer hard disks to USB memory sticks) enable huge amounts of data, pictures and music to be stored on ever-increasingly small storage media. but technology can't do everything. In fact, when you need to store personal effects, furniture and precious belongings for short or long periods, you need the right amount of space, which must be suitable and safe. Everything organized in modern and safe premises. Protected against time... and mishaps. For Vinelli & Scotto, the storage service (in its modern warehouses in Milan and Turin or in those of its selected partners in Italy and overseas) has always meant "taking care" of goods in the strictest sense of the word. With all the necessary space for as long as required. Guaranteeing absolute reliability and great attention to every detail, under all circumstances.

All the space you need, for
as long as you need.
No, that's not impossible.