To feel at home again, anywhere.

The word "relocation" has several different meanings: transferring a company, moving goods, taking up a job in a different place. But when "relocation" means moving a person and his family, it becomes even more significant because it means "relocating" habits that are firmly rooted where they are, as well as handling precise living needs and sentimental, family and interpersonal aspects. With all the related implications: from the choice of schools for children to the fulfillment of legal or bureaucratic obligations. Through its highly skilled and internationally trained staff, Vinelli & Scotto serves, supports and advises its customer in every phase of the relocation process; so that the family can adapt fully to its new home. Everything, of course, in full respect of corporate policies. Knowing that a worry-free family well integrated in its new environment contributes substantially to the success of an overseas "assignment".

Changing you lifestyle
is not a piece of cake,
but almost.