Vinelli&Scotto since 1890

Vinelli&Scotto's establishment appears to date back to 1890 while the exact date is uncertain, as it was previous to the founding of Chamber of Commerce in Turin. The company was originally founded by Mr. Francesco Vinelli who belonged to a respectable family of paper producers yet decided to leave his traditional family profession and embark on a new business venture: transport services. Later, Francesco Vinelli created a successful partnership with one of his cousins, Mr. Scotto, who was a forwarding agent in Genova and they worked together until the end of their days.
Upon their death, Vinelli's daughter, Claudina, started running the company and expanded it. The company owned 40 team horses, 30 vans and some lorries before the start of the second World War. However, the company was highly damaged by the war.
At the end of the war, Vinelli&Scotto found itself having to operate with only two vans and two three-wheeler vans. The company gave up its former business of transport and forwarding in order to specialize in moves. Vinelli&Scotto became the 'official mover' for the ducal families, the nobles and the businessmen of Piemonte.
In 1962 the Vinellis and the Scottos decided to sell the company. Throughout its history, Vinelli&Scotto has maintained the entrepreneurial spirit dating back to its beginning with management teams and employees dedicated to diligence, initiative and professionalism. This has allowed Vinelli&Scotto to maintain the excellent reputation earned over the years and make it one of the most regarded moving companies in Italy.